What to use for Mysterio Helmet?


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on making a Mysterio helmet (The far from home style one)
fishbowls wouldn't work since they aren't big enough, and not completely round, and I've searched spherical vase and that's not showing anything. So I was wondering what you guys used. Thanks!

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One of these maybe. They come up to 20 inches in diameter. Not sure how to mirror it.
Or this.

Don Mac.


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+1 on the acrylic dome, however keep dimensions in mind in order to not make it look like a caricature.
Personally I would go for 12" / 300mm / 30cm.Any bigger makes the head 'pop out' with the rest of the costume.Do a google search for 'mysterio cosplay' to see what I mean.
In order to get it to fit over your head, cut the bottom to size with (Dremel) power tool on low speed in order not to melt or warp your plastic dome and with the right cutting wheel at that.Check the description of the Dremel box to see which one and wear safety goggles while cutting.
Last but not least: don't forget to install Welders cooling fans (e.g from HighTechToyz) in the collar in order to breathe properly.
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I used a 12" dome for mine from amazon. After you cut the hole for your head, be a little careful with it. The lip return you end up cutting off gives it added strength. Without that they can be a bit brittle. Mine shattered into 6 different pieces after my daughter knocked it off the table.


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I know I'm late to this thread but for posterity's sake, buy a 12 inch and dremel yourself a headhole. 16 inches will make you look like Marvin the Paranoid Android from the 2005 Hitchhikers Guide film


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I know almost anything goes in the Cosplay scene, but realistic does look more impressive if that is what you're aiming for

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