What thickness of Eva foam?


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I have been using about 4mm foam and have been relatively happy with it but it is so expensive and comes in such small quantities that I want to start with that 7mm that comes in large quantities that everyone uses. I just want to know how much more difficult it becomes to bend, shape, glue, hold, and everything.
Recently I have been working with this computer paper sized sheets from Michael's that are 4mm and I have been building a Dark Knight costume with them and they work well. The problem is they are $1 per small sheet and it restricts me from some bigger projects so I wanted to go up to those 7mm rolls that are used for floors, but I wanted to know how they bend and work in relation to my original foam.
I'm in exactly the same situation as you are right now. Although, I did just pick up some flooring material and have started to use it. Other then being thicker it seems to work the same. The bends are hard with thicker foam but it will be nice for larger items. I just made a simple gauntlet cuff yesterday and was very happy with the way it turned out. I'm looking forward to working with it some more. I will keep an assortment of various thicknesses on hand since they all come in useful for different things.

check out
Minicel Foam, Closed Cell Foam Padding, Foam Rubber Sheets
the 1/4" foam = 6mm
also check out Yoga Mats, Exercise Mat, Polyethylene Foam, Yoga Mat, Exercise Mats
I ordered the 40"x80" sheets. this should be plenty to work with. As you know, you'll probably want varying thickness depending what project parts you're working on. These were the better options (price wise) that I came across. One more thing, sometimes I've seen 4'x8' excersice mats at Big Lots store for around $16 per roll. The only nice things about the craft foam (that are letter paper size is the available colors. But you can always seal and paint as you like. Hope this info is heplful. Happy Prop Making.
I currently am using 1/4" foam that I bought in a 3 meter roll at Big Lots. It has been a pretty good size for me. I mean you can use a thinner size for smaller detail spots but it is all on what you would like to mess with. I'm building an Iron Man MK V suit using that thickness of foam.
I think there is a major difference in craft store foam and the foam that Graphic Jordan pointed me toward for the build I did for my son. Before discounting 4mm, I'd at least try some of Caroline's stuff...

Caroline's Wandy Foam sells a variety of EVA Closed-Cell foam via ebay. It was a GREAT referral, as Caroline has been wonderful to deal with and ships incredibly fast!

All the foam I used on Mikey's armor came from here, so I definitely recommend them. :thumbsup

Product link:
4mm Craft Foam (package of FIVE 12"x18" sheets) = $6.00 (5/19/11)
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