What the Flux?


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I just wanted to post my progress pics of my Flux Boxes, mainly because I got a lot of tips from fellow RPFers here and I wanted to not only say thanks, but show how I got on for those interested.

I have spent days (weeks..) doing these to this standard, ensuring that they're smooth and getting the exact colour paint. I have even bought some tools to produce stainless steel plates and drill all the holes myself to add the bolts etc. They turned out real nice on all sides that are visible.

The only issues I have is that the top of the mold has lots of bubbles once I sand them down, but that seems to be the case with all other boxes I've seen too. Is there a way to ensure that this doesn't happen? I've heard of people putting on latex gloves then rubbing around the edges of the mold when they first pour in the mixed resin to help counteract that. Is that a good idea?

Anyway, here are the pics. Just a few more plates to punch and drill out then I can finally finish adding the plates to finish them off!! :)

First front box out of the mold.

Second front box out, time to go again for the roof boxes!

All plates plasma cut in stainless steel to go with the car. They are usually mild steel and tend to need a buzz off from time to time but these will be brill! Solid 3mm plates too.

Testing the size of the plates on the rear boxes.

Time to take the palm sander to the top side of the casts to clean them up and remove the slight warp on the front box.

All boxes were prepped firstly with grade 80, then 180s followed by some 400s and some scotch for a perfect finish. Ready for etch primer!


Once etch primed, I decided to do something a little different and add texture spray which turned out fantastic!! They have a really nice grainy/mottled finish and look really professional. I then added the correct primer with the slight blue hue, followed by some metalized blue dust coat to really give a nice finish!

Here are the boxes in normal light

...and here with flash which gives a better impression of that blue metalized coat.

I began drilling the stainless plates (had to use cobalt bits and a pillar) and added some excellent quality socket bolts with a black coat. Drilling 104 holes = days.

Stored away ready for when I finally get all the plates done so I can then drill into the boxes perfectly! :)
I also decided to mold the plugs right into the boxes. The resin captured the small serial number which was nice, they just need painting black when I'm done with the plates. These things are SERIOUSLY hard work to get to to this standard.

Just having to mark up and drill the final 100 something holes :cry ;)



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