What sort of hair for use on lifesize bust.


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Good evening all,

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of what hair I would need to use on a lifesize bust? I've seen people using weaves and working from the neck up but I'd like to know the best to use and where I.csn but it. What glue would be best for sticking to resin?

Many thanks



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Many types of hair can be used honestly. Depends on what the bust is. Most people use Mohair which is a very fine fiber. If you want something more natural, try Yak hair. All of which can be glued with many types of glue as well. E6000 is a great glue for hair work as it dries clear. Work from the base up and draw hair line sections on the bust with a pencil to indicate the direction the hair should sit.

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