What Should Indiana Jones Go After Next


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I say..The Spear Of Longius..AKA The Spear Of ******. They pretty much gone after everthing else...So...get the complete set. Anyone else with an idea
A way to remove Shia from Hollywood? I agree with the spear of destiny. Anything he's gone after in the numerous games/books that could be put on screen? The fountain of youth could be interesting maybe but after Captain Jack went after it i'm not sure it would work.
Indiana Jones and the Search for George Lucas's Mind

Indiana Jones and the Search for the OOT

Indiana Jones Brings Sean Connery Out of Retirement

Indiana Jones and Johnny Depp plus Helena Bonham Carter (A Tim Burton Film)
Atlantis. But Indy would be lame underwater, so the big climax would have to be it rising from the sea (then I guess crumbling).
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The Spear of Destiny would be a horrible choice in my opinion. They've already done The Ark & The Grail, it would just come across as a desperate, and week attempt to reclaim the 'glory days'. In fact, I think I read somewhere that they scratched that off of the pad pretty quick with the last film.

I think the Jones family should go after retirement next. No, I'm not being a wise guy. I honestly think that there is nowhere to go but down with this franchise, and the last film did a great deal to prove that.
Maybe something to do with the free masons... But maybe it would seem like more of a repeat of National Treasure. :confused
The Tomb of ***** ******

something to do with the true meaning of stonehenge

maybe something with the Mayans and the calendar

I heard a story once when I was a kid about some sort of bell or gong that could make huge stones float. That would be a nice idea. If you could have it tie in with the large stone money from Lap island..and the stone heads from Easter Island..

PS, I gift this idea to George ...for my usual 2% fee.:)
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