What prop would you like?


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Hi guys,

I've teamed up with a professional prop maker and we have decided it would be great to scratch build some props and offer them to you the RPF.

What props have you always wanted but have never been offered as a replica?

If we can get enough interest in a particular prop and it's a viable prop to ship, we can make it and offer it up.

I had an idea for the 3 bots from Batteries Not Included as they seem pretty hard to get and there was a thread recently with quite a bit of interest.

The prop maker I will be working with has worked on some big films like Hellboy I & II, Batman begins, Underworld, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, XXX, Gullivers travels, Sunshine and many more.

POST YOUR IDEAS.........:love


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At the risk of sounding like a broken record.................
Farscape Peacekeeper Pulse Rifle :D


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Serenity Mals pistol
ANH Han solo blaster
ROTJ Luke lightsaber
Robocop gun
Darth Vader helmet
Han solo in carbonite
OOOHHH,wait this my wishful christmas list as well......


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Maybe it would be a good idea to post pics of what you would like us to make.

Nobby, is that the pulse rifle in your signature?


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Serenity - Capt. Mal pistol

Robocop - Auto pistol

Space 1999 - Laser pistol and Comlock (working)

Terminator - Kyle Reese Pulse rifle

Star Trek TOS - Old school barrel phaser

Blade II - Blood thinner auto injectors
No picture - need screen capture

Chronicles of Riddick - Necromonger weapons (all)

Man! this list can get pretty big..
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... POST YOUR IDEAS.........:love
These two prop replicas would be 200-300 US$ worth to me. But only if it's screen accurate as you can see on the picture. The originals were sold for 36,900.00 US$ this month.

And of course: the holy grail of all Back To The Future fans - Marty's future jacket! If you manage to create this jacket really screen accurate, I'm sure, the fans would fight to get one.



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Two items that I and others want to buy:

An original model Sliders timer with working electronics:

Sliders BBoard / Sliders timer replicas for sale!


The original prop maker popped up here on RPF and provided some info on the electronics programming, and Thermalized Plastics even sells a pretty good shell (which I have); but no one seems to want to make and sell a working, finished replica as seen in the above links.

There is demand for something that works and looks like it should.

You would also probably have a great deal of interest in the Krull glaive:

The maker of that replica no longer provides the item, but there's a very detailed walk-through of the build in this thread below:

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I've always wanted one of these with an actual telescoping barrel.

It seems like a pretty easy build (Hell, I could probably make one) but I've always wanted just see one of these things made.


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I second the BTTF post. I was just talking to my brother the other day about that jacket--how we both wished a replica was around.


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You guys do great work!
This has been on my mind since getting your idol earlier today but I would love to see you guys tackle the cherubs on the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders (with thumbs and all)!


I would echo the first responce. Farscape could use a lot of love, its such a great series. I think the bots from Batteries Not Included would be pretty awesome though.

Wes R

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I'm more of a model kit replica guy so how about some vehicles from the original tron, an Aliens APC or drop ship? Even a HALO dropship would be cool. Most of my wants are all video game related items so I doubt they'd get much call for.


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Wow some great ideas guys. Keep em coming. I love that BTTF jacket but clothes are not an option I'm afraid.
I'll pass on these pics and ideas and see what the prop guy fancies having a go at.
I'll let the thread run into the new year as we are working on some projects at the mo. :)