What Primer to use?

hi i am sure this is probably posted somewhere else but i could not find it,
i need to know how you guys clean a resin bust coming out of a silicone mold full of mold release,
and what primer to be used, dont get me wrong i ave done this before but it seems that sometime things work and the primer sticks and sometimes i get stuck with a bust that nothing will adhere to even after i have cleaned it with soap and water or 99% alcohol.


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I usually use the wax and grease remover rags, that you can get at Autozone for the initial clean up, and then I follow it up with a rub down of 99% alcohol. As far as primer goes I recently switched to automotive grade Urethane 2k primer and it is amazing. It makes a very strong bond with the resin, since most resins are urethane, and goes on smooth and is easily sandable. I'm pretty sure you can buy this in a spray can, but it is pretty costly, but so worth it.
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