What paints,inks,chalks do you use for 1.1 busts

I have 6 busts that I am getting ready to do.

Wanted to see what everyone else uses to finish their 1.1 busts.

Feel free to share some of your painting techniques.:)

I painted a Darth Maul bust about a year ago with Hydromist paints. (Not many good color selections.)

If it's resin busts, I do all of mine with Humbrol enamels and Citadel acrylics (from the WarHammer shop), using brushes and fingertips.
I use ceramic paints from michaels. They are super cheap and come in every color imaginable they are easily thinned with water too. I also use cheap pastels from michaels as well.
Simple acrylics will do the trick sir! Any hobby store will sell them. I'm a fan of Liquetex myself. They thin with water but if you want a quicker dry on your washes you can thin them with 99% alcohol and do some spattering techniques. It's all about the slow/gradual build up of color.
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