What movies/shows did you love as a kid but as an adult are now quite...bad?

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Really? OMG that was awful even back then. I actually paid money to see that in a theater when it came out--bad mistake!

I'm sure there are quite a few awful movies & shows I liked, but this was the most egregious!
In my defense, I was 5 or 6 at the time, so I was pretty easy to please.

Ooh, and Solo4114 just reminded me of Airwolf! F yeah!

Does it have a black painted, awesome vehicle? I was in!
KnightRider, Airwolf, less than 5 minutes of MegaForce... Automan!

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old BCC narnia, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. loved it as a kid

other way around, as kid i didnt like LOTR (1978 version) but i realy like it now


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Re: Airwolf.

Hawke does come across as a bit of a dick, people shoot at him in his bullet proof helicopter with small arms, and he retaliates with chain guns and hellfire missiles.

I know they are trying to kill you, but really, they can't, no need to go Dirty Harry on them.


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For the 20th anniversary (I started before, ended after), I rewatched Power Rangers. All of it. Every episode (plus the canon Turbo movie). In order.

Now, it should be said, that a) I never watched every season before, so some of them I never had nostalgia for, and b) I do like some Super Sentai series, as an adult.

Mighty Morphin (1-3): Wow, these were so much cheesier than I remembered. Not to the point of unwatchable, but I could only do a few episodes at a time.
Alien Rangers: I'd barely remembered this mini-arc (that I had to hunt for, since Netflix a) lists it as its own title, and b) it doesn't come up on a search for "Power Rangers"), but it's pretty standard with the rest of Mighty Morphin.
Zeo: Same as Mighty Morphin.
Turbo: Had to track down the movie at the library, since it's not on Netflix. Not sure I'd ever actually seen it before. As for the series, as a kid, I loved Justin (probably because he was near my age). As an adult, I see how it really didn't work. Not the having him as a ranger part, but the "oh, this kid's in high school and not really bullied and hangs out with recent graduates" part.
In Space: This one was about as I remembered it. Not as cheesy as the ones before, but nothing to write home about, either.

[space here, since the rest are (mostly) stand-alone, and not one ongoing series]
Lost Galaxy: Growing up, Lost Galaxy was one of my favorites. Watching it again, I could see a lot more of the flaws. I still enjoyed it, but not as fondly as I remember.
Lightspeed Rescue: When I was a kid, my favorite thing was seeing characters my age (or close enough) doing cool things. That's why I liked Justin in Turbo. That's why Jubilee became my favorite character in X-Men (she's still one of my favorites, but there are others... all around her same age ^^;;). So when LSR started, with adult characters, it turned me off. I got a couple episodes in, but never finished it. Watching it as an adult, I liked it a lot more. It's not a standout series, but it's definitely a step above the 90s cheese that was the first set of series.
Time Force: I'd caught bits and pieces of this one, but not very often, so I can't compare to what I enjoyed as a kid. But I'd liked what I'd seen, and I did enjoy it. I can definitely see parts that were sub-par, but it wasn't bad.
Wild Force: This one I went in cold to. I'd never seen any of it. I also hated it. I may have enjoyed it as a kid, but I'm not sure. The whole "we're gonna kidnap this guy and force him to be our red ranger" that bothered me as an adult, I probably wouldn't notice, but Princess "i.am.a.robot.with.no.emotion" Shayla would have annoyed me just as much.
Ninja Storm: Ninja Storm was my favorite of the series as a kid. And it still is as an adult. Having seen all of Power Rangers (with the exception of the most recent series, as it's just recently been put on Netflix and I'm working my way through it), I can say that it is, hands down, the best series. It holds up that well. As a kid, I loved the well-developed characters, the goofy villains, and, yes, the guinea pig sensei. As an adult, I can see that it hits that hard-to-find perfect blend of drama and comedy. The story works well, with no glaring plot holes that weren't explained. There's humor there that goes above the kids' heads, without being crude. Overall, it's a well made show.
Dino Thunder: I liked Dino Thunder a lot as a kid, too. I think part of it was Tommy, who had been one of my favorites of the originals, too. Dino Thunder doesn't hold up as well as Ninja Storm, and when you look at it with an overall storyline in mind, it really doesn't make sense that Tommy got a PhD and had worked with this guy for a long time, only about 7-8 years after graduating high school. But it does have a great theme song, and my favorite single-episode of any Power Rangers series: Lost and Found in Translation (in which the rangers find a badly-dubbed episode of a Japanese show "based" on Power Rangers... yes, it's an episode of Abaranger, which DT was based on!).
S.P.D.: Another one I hadn't seen at all, but at least this one was passable.
Mystic Force: I'd caught random episodes of MF, and it had me intrigued. In fact, my interest in the storyline, and the outdated notion that "the Japanese version is always better" of shows got me to download Magiranger. I didn't get 2 episodes into Magiranger. Watching MF as an adult, I think that the overall story was good, but the execution wasn't there. The manager of the music shop couldn't be that dumb, and a lot of the characters fell flat. It just didn't work, although the story rewritten for adults could be really good.
Operation Overdrive: Before my marathon, MF had been the last series I had seen any of (other than a couple random episodes of RPM, shown to me as an adult), so I was going in blind. Well, not quite. I'd been warned that OO was a piece of crap, and to avoid it at all costs. I really and truly wish I had.
Jungle Fury: After OO, nothing could be as bad, so I really can't judge JF on its own merits, because I may just be remembering it as better than OO.
RPM: I'd seen a couple episodes of RPM. Most notably, the beginning of episode... 11, I think, where they basically lampshade all of the common PR tropes, which was hilarious. It's definitely one of the better series, but I do think it fails in that it skews a bit higher in the demographic. Whereas NS was fine for both younger and older kids (and adults), I'd be cautious about showing RPM to younger kids.
Samurai/Super Samurai: This one was pretty bad. I would have probably enjoyed it as a kid, but as an adult, it was bad.
Megaforce: This is basically a remake of the original, although not as cheesy. I know without a doubt I would have enjoyed it as a kid.
Super Megaforce: This is listed separately from Mf because I've seen Gokaiger, which they adapted for it. As a kid, I probably would have enjoyed SMf. As an adult, it was impossible for me to enjoy SMf, because it's a complete bastardization of Gokaiger.


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MegaForce. I think I drove my brother insane watching that over and over...
Really? OMG that was awful even back then. I actually paid money to see that in a theater when it came out--bad mistake!

My parents took me to that movie as a kid and we all hated it. I think we actually walked out

The Superman movies with Christopher Reeve.
Too campy for me now.
I loved Superman I and II when they came out. They do seem really bad now, especially the way he flies/floats

Not that I hate it, but Aliens is definitely a movie that has changed for me. When I first saw it I was 16 and loved it, even better than Alien, but as I've grown, I prefer Alien now and kind of see Aliens as the lamer actioned up wannabe

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I can't think of them off the top of my head, but Super Mario Bros. was mentioned, and also Raul Julia & Van Damme Street Fighter haha they're so dated and cheesy now!

P.S: Hollywood is watching this thread and will reboot them all in the name of nostalgia :lol


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A lot of the "vehicle" driven (er...no pun intended) shows of the late 70s and early to mid 80s are tough to watch nowadays. Mostly because they relied on things like recycled footage, low budget model work, and were essentially just random "mission of the week" stories, rather than ongoing arcs. This can make long-term watching difficult because, who cares what happens next? You know the hero and their supercar/superhelicopter/supermotorcycle is going to solve the problem in 1-2 episodes, and repeat the process the next week. Nobody's attitudes will change over time, either. They'll just be the same characters as always. Nothing that happens in the episode will really matter long-term one way or the other.

So, really, the only reason to watch is to see kickass shots of the vehicle doing kickass things...which kinda doesn't work when the vehicle is actually just a model, or you've seen it execute that same maneuver in that EXACT same footage some 300 previous times.

That's pretty much it. The whole early 1980s vehicle show thing was a brief era because after 5-6 years they were out of spectacular things to do with vehicles that didn't cost gigantic prices to stage.

Like, even as a kid, I KNEW they kept recycling the shot of the Dukes successfully jumping that bridge, followed by the cop car trying and crashing. In my memory, the scene appeared in damn near every episode, and I knew it even then.

Actually, Dukes didn't recycle footage as much as it might seem. They aired a given stunt maybe twice on average. A few jumps got used 4-5 times but it was spread out over several years of episodes. Many others only aired once.

But it was the same (appearing) cars, jumping the same ramps, in the same circumstances. And the stunts got bigger as the show wore on, which really whittled down the suitable locations on those wooded dirt road properties to do them. Sometimes the stunts ended up looking recycled even when they weren't.

One of the cast members said he would get fans asking "when are you ever gonna do some new episodes?" at times when they were airing new ones.

TV was done with a different attitude back then. They would do zillions of attempts at new shows, find something that worked, and then start seeing how long they could milk it until it ran dry. If it kept working, the producers would start seeing how much cheaper they could shoot it until it gave out.

The whole thing produced interesting ideas with weak execution. Hence the remake trend today, now that playing with new ideas is viewed as being riskier than doing huge-budget shoots of known properties.

TV today has so much more "arc" in the stories. It's good in a lot of ways. But it also ends up making TV feel more like extended movie franchises than the TV shows of old.


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How about these lost gems from the mid 80's?
Street Hawk, Automan, Misfits of Science.
Used to love them as a kid, haven't had the misfortune of reliving them since I don't think they ever showed them again :)

Mike J.

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I just watched the pilot and next two episodes of SeaQuest. That went off the rails quick. The quasi-hard sci-fi of submarine warfare in the near future (2017?) immediately becomes 'the dolphin is sick and we have an abrasive guest scientist' and 'we found the Library of Alexandria and some psychics.' I am disappoint.

I wasn't a huge fan of it at the time, but I'm frankly surprised it lasted all of season 1, never mind the other seasons. I can only assume Spielberg was pouring money into it like ... a leaky ... thing you pour money into ... Apparently no one escaped that series and went on to better things.

... Director of the pilot episode? Irvin Kershner.


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At Christmas time I watched Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, a movie I loved as a kid, with my niece and I kept thinking "How was this ever any good?"

"RRRRiverbottom Nightmare Band!!!"

I officially love this thread. Now I'm racking my brain to think of other crap that I loved in the 80s.

Wes R

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Just about all of them: most 80s cartoons, knight rider, ateam, automan, scarecrow and mrs king. That doesn't' stop me from buying them and watching them though lol. Of them all the cartoons are the ones that didn't age well. They're still well written and voice acted but they're very 1980s cheese in how kid friendly they have to be compared to cartoons now. I still remember the crapstorm in 1986 with Transformers the movie's violence and Spike cussing, it was huge deal back then but now nobody'd really notice.

matty matt

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If you guys have Netflix you should check out Electric Boogaloo. It's the story of Cannon Films and it's all about all the terrible movies they made in the 70's and 80's. I enjoyed it.

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SSgt Burton

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Ironically I watched The Running Man for the first time in decades a couple of weeks ago- the one-liners were WAY over the top in this one! And it just screams "80s" with neon, big hair, and "20 Minute Workout" costumes. Having said that, I still liked the film--- funny how the "reality game show" proliferated with the turn of the century.

However old BSG did not age well with me. When I bought the dvd set a few years back, the series pilot and maybe 2 or 3 episodes at most were watchable to me. I had to FORCE myself to finish watching the set.

I've been tempted to buy Buck Rogers, however I think it would be the same for me as it was for Funky Jedi... Man as a kid I used to HATE the fact I had to wait an entire week for the next episode. lol



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I've been tempted to buy Buck Rogers, however I think it would be the same for me as it was for Funky Jedi... Man as a kid I used to HATE the fact I had to wait an entire week for the next episode. lol

If you can't get through BSG then don't even think about it. I can get through about half of BSG but I just couldn't trudge through Buck at all. I loved the first season as a kid, the second season was fairly atrocious even then.

I bought the boxed set of Jack of All Trades some years back, I certainly wasn't a kid when it originally came on, but despite my love for all things Bruce Campbell I just can't get through that one now, either. I am purposely not buying Brisco County just so I can keep those memories right where they are.


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Y'know I've had the Buck Rogers dvd set for a few years now. I think I remember watching the first episode (which was actually theater released, if you remember) and it was hard to sit through. But that's about as far as I got.

I had planned to go next to the part where Hawk came in, because I thought he was cool and had a cool ship, but I never did. It still occupies space on the dvd shelf, though.

SSgt Burton

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I've been on an Arnie kick lately. Decided to watch "Twins" tonight for the first time in probably over 2 decades...

Yeaaaah... I pretty much fast forwarded through most of it. Nearly "all" of it.

Wow. Even "Red Heat" was better for me. :(


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