What Looks Are Considered Canon Or Not?


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Looking through the pages I have seen a great many different looks, almost to the point were no two costumes are alike.That being said what designs/looks are considered canon and which arent. Would hate to start a project and not have it accepted.


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That's the beauty of Predator suits...there is no canon or guidelines to follow. You can mix and match parts, build your own or buy the parts and make it yourself. Predators come in all shapes and sizes...there is no right or wrong way to make a Pred suit ;)


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You kind of answered your own question. Predators vary greatly from costume maker to costume maker. I mean look at the paint job I did on my mask. Regardless of how you make it look members here are going to except it. Creativity is greatly praised in this forum. So if you want to make a movie accurrate P1 costume then by all means do. What to make a Wolf P2 Hybrid? That's cool. Go for it. Want to make your own mask and design? Also cool. No right or wrong costume as it's going to be your costume. This isn't the 501st where you have to meet a standard.


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How many people do you seel that are alike? IMHO Predators (yes PREDATORS not ******* pukeja or whatever the inbreds are calling them) are just as diverse as humans. Go with what you feel. My suit is already taking a look all its own!


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i think it's not a matter of cannon. it really doesnt matter. predators have been seen to have different physical qualities even in the movies. so that shows that there are plenty of variations and breeds of Predators, so it almost doesnt matter how they look


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Canon would be an exact copy of a pred seen on screen in my eyes, but as we have seen preds do interchange bios, weopons ect so that opens up a great big world of opportuinties for us to custom a pred and still be within the realms of what is correct if that maes sense