What is your favorite Alan Rickman character and/or cheese?


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Hans Gruber, hands down.


Typically I do more with a good block of Parmigiano Reggiano than anything else, but that would be too obvious an answer.
The versatility of cheap American cheese is amazing, though, because it melts so well. With that you can make the best grilled cheese, alone or mixed with, say, havarti. I make a damn good smashburger with deli sliced onions and American cheese. You can also add it to a bowl of spicy Nong Shim instant ramyun with an egg, scallions and get a very rich, delicious broth - sounds gross but, trust me, it is magnificent.
Lately I've been doing more with gruyere which tastes divine on a fried egg on toast with avocado, bacon and greens with a white vinaigrette.
But if I had to commit to a single answer at this moment my guilty pleasure has to go to the American cheese because I am craving that ramyun.


Darth Lars

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Metatron in Dogma.

I can't pick just one cheese: Jarlsberg on sandwiches; Pecorino Romano on pasta. Västerbotten in pie.
Edit: Pan-fried small camembert with cloudberry jam is awesome.

Edit 2: I enjoy Alan Rickman's performances and cheese separately. Alan Rickman is never cheese (that's what you wanted someone to post, right? ;) )
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Favourite Rickman has to be in Die hard. Galaxy Quest and Dogma also strong contenders.

Cheese? I dunno. Whatever cheese I happen to be eating at the time :lol: I'm no cheese scholar. I really can't tell the difference between camembert and brie :confused:


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Hans for his wit.. HO HO HO!
The dead husband in Truely madly deeply for making me cry...
The Boss in Love Actually for being a fool..

So many very good roles and his voice was one of a kind.. Like gargling with a Gobstopper!

I can't eat Cheese anymore but when I could it had to be a nice chunk of Compt...
Smokey with deep notes oh and while I'm at it and it's Friday a nice bottle of red Chianti..

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