What is the strangest or most obscure prop you have made?


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What is the weirdest, most obscure prop you ever made or wanted to make and why?

I will start.
I built a bike from an old punk rock video by the band Seaweed circa 1993.... The song is called Kid Candy.
Why? It was a compulsion and I am weird. It started when I built a Mad Max style bike for my kid. I thought I should ride something way more bizarre than his bike...
Here is the boys ride:

FYI, those bolts on the back are rubber.

Here is the song in question .
Skip to the 3 minute mark if this isn't your thing.

1 (4) - Copy.JPG

1 (25) - Copy.JPG

Flares???? YES!
1 (51) - Copy.JPG

1 (64) - Copy.JPG

Oddly, it is very accurate...... I tracked down the guy who built it originally and I was able to look at some original photos that show details that old grainy video does not show.

I really won't bore you with the details but believe me....... I could.

1 (66)copy.jpg
copy 5.png

No old school bikes were harmed in the replication of this prop.
They are expensive!

Maybe you don't want to admit it, but what is the weirdest, strangest, most obscure and absurd prop that you have made, purchased or wanted?
Or am I the only one????
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Back when the SW Thrawn series of books came out I made the slave circuit remote that Luke found in the cave on Dagobah
It had belonged to a dark Jedi Yoda had killed.

Recently I made the key you see for only a few seconds in the tunnels in the Uncharted 4 video game.


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I made a severed penis in a jar for the film "Hoffa".

What...really....the word p e n i s is offensive and it gets an asterisk!?


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I'm not sure if this counts. I once made a block of Carbonite with Lukes severed hand and light saber in it. Like someone found it and did so to preserve it.


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Apparently I own a pair of Uday Hussein's sunglasses from the Devil's Double.

On a related note: Does anyone know anything about replacing the lenses in Ray-Bans?


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I had to replace lenses in a pair of Ray-Bans and the only way I found to do it was to get an identical pair and replace the lenses from them. If they are an older model you can try going on ebay to find them, which is what I did as mine were from the late 90's and were not made anymore.


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Shaped another man's butt... Twice, actually.

That was weird...
I have to ask.... Why?

I'm not sure if this counts. I once made a block of Carbonite with Lukes severed hand and light saber in it. Like someone found it and did so to preserve it.
Totally counts. I'd like to see it.

I'd have to say..... Han Solo's upper legs and waste.
Had to have somewhere to display his holster and blaster.
That is strange.... It works though!

Some really weird stuff here. I like it!


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Pretty obscure but not unheard of......I built a ST:TOS ray generator/energy neutralizer for a Starship Exeter fan film.
Typical movie prop, not meant to be displayed for oohs and ahhs but it had blinkie lights and looked the part.



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The prop was a Space Giants Rocket Whistle... from a 60's Japanese TV show called Ambassador Magma/Space Giants. A bit before my time.

I was commissioned to make it. The client had been looking for one for 20 years (his words) with no luck.
Made the body from a billet and fins from plate 6061 aluminum, attached the fins with epoxy as well as pins that go through the fin into the body. I sent it to the client with only the primer coat since he wanted to paint it.

Fun little thing, so I made an extra one for me.