what is the best iron man helmet pep file


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ive been looming around for a while now and i notice there are multiple different files for the iron man helmet. i was just curious if some are better than others.

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honestly its which ever one you like the best, there all excellently done and have all benn built easily hundreds of times


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how many are there can some one post all the different pep files here, I just finished sharkbeetle - dungheads and its really nice however the hole to put my head through is way to small. The scaling seems right to fit nice if I could only get my head through. What are other people doing to get these on?


Most people cut a section of the back and reattach it with magnets once it is on the head. I will see if i can dig up a picture.



I found this posted by ZukutoSkyKiller, i hope you dont mind.


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I've seen 4 or 5 different pep files for Shellhead myself and have yet to figure out which on I wanted to do...however, I've just started on work on a Hi-def Warmachine pep I found and I plan on using it to create a Guardsman suit.


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I can highly recommend the Sharkhead helmet but you might not want to do the 'teeth' part and save yourself a lot of fiddly pepping, There's some pics of the pep build in my signature if you want to see which one I'm using.
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