What is known about the Star Trek:TNG Cassette Case Tool Kit Prop?


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What is known about this case? What does the label say?

I know from a previous thread: it's a cassette case. It's painted Dove Gray. There is a single greeblie on the side, of undetermined origin.

I've found one, then lucked into the Dove Gray, now I want to figure out an easy and inexpensive way to easily turn these old cases into tool kits. Seems like a super easy prop for any trek fan, plus if you want, you can just trim some foam to fit ACTUAL tools into it LOL.

Wouldn't it be a kick to bring this thing out to fix your electrical outlets?

Awaiting your collective wisdom, RPF!


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This is what I can offer. The picture of the inside I found in an old calender from 1995.

For my tool cases I simply used the term AWAY TEAM KIT as a text at the lower right part of the case.

Hope that helps



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I wish I could tell you what type it is. It's a cassette case, and there's a logo, but no name of any type on it. I just recognized it by it's Star Trek connections at the Salvation Army.

I do plan on finishing it out as a complete case. The color gray and the foam are the most difficult to me, and now it gets tougher - looks like that interior is plastic with some formed cavities. I always thought it was standard foam.


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I looked at some of the pics you posted, and had a hard time seeing thethickness of the case.

I can tell you that at least SOME of the TNG cases were Clik!Case cassette cases, or perhaps lunch boxes from that same manufacturer. (I cannot find the pic where I figured this out, sorry. It came from one of those "actual screen-used prop" sites, with Data carrying it on an Away Team, and I recognized it as a cassette case I had already purchased and modified to hold DVDs in my own space-saving plan.)

They have gone out of business.


Their designs and names were purchased by a company called PlastiCase. They ARE still in business.

AND they still make the Clik! Cases, although I doubt very much if they make the cassette cases.

You can see them at this address:

PLASTIC CASES, Plastic case, Custom cases, Cases, Plastic carrying case and Equipment cases

I don't know that any of these (or perhaps their medium of heavy use cases) will be an exact match, but I would think almost any of them could be made to look like a "Starfleet Issue" kit with a little paint and decal work.

Good luck!

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I purchase a case brand new at K Mart back when the show was still on the air. It was alreaady the correct gray color. Later they had black ones with the strips. Hope this helps.
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