What have you done to your phone cases to make them resemble a prop?

Darth Lars

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I don't find that to be that that Terminator-y, really.

I have seen BMF cases (like BMF wallets) and Han Solo in Carbonite, I'm sure there are lots of others.


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I can't see that phone case protecting the iPhone from much of anything other than a very carefully controlled drop.

Trust me, i'm an expert on phone dropping. I have certification.

Uncharted Leather

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I have never modified a phone case to resemble a prop but I have made several movie/game themed phone holsters. My most recent holster was an Uncharted 3 style shoulder holster for iPhone 6. I have also made a few holsters to look like the style Indiana Jones used in Raiders and also the type that Lara Croft had in the last Tomb Raider game.


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I'm hoping to prototype making a Jack Harkness Vortex Manipulator phone holder/case at some point.

Should test out my lack of sewing skills quite well!
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