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Ive been away for many years. The Hunters Lair was alive and kicking hardcore with hundreds of members when I had to get out of my obsession for this due to family. Now, it seems like this has all but about died down. What happened? It seems like there is but a handful of members here, doesn't seem like there are many prop makers out there anymore offering costume parts or props or raw pulls of anything, and the majority of posts here seem to be quite old.

Did everyone just get burnt out and leave the community or is there another place people went to? I totally regret giving up my suits years ago and am at a point in life I'm looking to get back into it, but finding a mask or even a half mask anywhere less than $700 seems impossible and ridiculous! What happened?


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There are still some suit makers and cosplayers here. I myself am a much newer member. If you want a look at a very different kind of suit my Ahab suit is under way in the costume section. I know a few others are as well. The numbers of old are simply not here. I can't even find active groups on Facebook for predator cosplayers. But give this part of the forum a visit...

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Some will agree/others will disagree with what I will say but there you go. Depending on how long ago you left:

After "donationgate" things got sour. There was a lot of infighting and b*tching. The Hunters Lair got taken in by the RPF group otherwise it mostly would have evaporated. The name changed. In all fairness from what I can remember Art Andrews left the forum alone. I wasn't a fan of the way things went and a lot of skill and knowledge was lost. The community disappeared and people went their separate ways.
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Ponypone Yautjaleader is right ..... there is still costume makers and cosplayers of Predator here but i guess it was best to centralize our community instead of just spreading in small groups. I am myself new to the Predator costume making .... but i finally found a character that has many opportunities in terms of creations ... here is Jir'Xar a Lone Hunter Elder of 631 years Jir'Xar (Yautja costume WIP)