Question What happened to the quick reply box? (resolved)

Re: What happened to the quick reply box?

This probably seems like a silly cosmetic issue but am I the only one with this kind of quick reply box? That quote option is new, isn't it? Firefox browser btw.
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The page did not finish loading properly. You are seeing text instead of the "Wrap" icon. Does it always show that text instead of the icon?
Re: What happened to the quick reply box?

now it doesn't. hmmm....

:lol:lol You were saying?

Anyway, I'm using Firefox and having no problems. Silly question...when was the last time you shut down and restarted your computer? A reboot might do the trick...might not. Can't hurt, though.
Re: What happened to the quick reply box?

It gets rebooted every day. I even closed the browser and opened it back up, problem was still there. On a whim I decided to turn off adblocker, then turn it back on. That seemed to fix it! Technology....:darnkids
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