What Gloves still in production are being used for Freddy Krueger's glove replicas


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Greetings Everyone,

I rarely have a need to post as there's just a wealth of info that's been disseminated and chronicled on these forums over the years. One thing I've not been able to find in my travels is what gloves are being used to make Freddy Krueger prop gloves these days.

The OG "Wells Lamont Trucker specials 7279" that I believe were used for NOES I-V haven't been available for decades and command a premium price if you can find the correct ones with the leather tab and draw string/red (or apparently black) bead. The VS glove was a "Watson 436" glove without the snap closure that was specially ordered by production and is still available and available through I think Terror Gloves, but for the Wells Lamont glove with the draw string and red bead are people finding suitable replacements, are are they making the gloves themselves, or taking gloves and adding the proper bead/draw string. Wells Lamont makes a "successor" glove which doesn't appear to be all that close to the original (color is way more yellow, and suede reinforcement across the palm) but has the basic characteristics of such.

Any and all advice is appreciated as I'm building a few for myself and am looking to approach every detail I possibly can with this one, short of paying $100-$200 per pair.



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When I built my part 4 last year, I used one of the newer cheap Wells Lamont gloves. I unstitched the suede palm panels, and removed the plastic tab. I built a new tab out of the scraps from the palm holes and cast up a pewter buckle. It’s not 100% but was cheap and pretty straightforward.

I’ve also done the same on a cheap unbranded riggers glove, and built the strap from a shoelace and a red bead for my part 6.

I can also 100% recommend Terror Gloves for the VS. leather.


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