What ever happened to the Fan FIlm Tyderium?


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they have a website that says it will relaunch soon, but other than the trailer and a lot of behind the scenes stuff, did the film ever come out?


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.....I remember that one. It had a trailer where one of the X-Wing pilots shouts "******!" just before the title appears.


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The principle folks involved got what they wanted out of it, no need to finish it.

Huh, sounds like you know a few of them? ;) So this became a giant show reel, I guess.

A few years ago, during my active time in the german movie community I had a colleague who was quite close to the core team, and it seemed like they were the usual mix of avid star wars fans and collectors, with a few of them professionals in the CGI area, working iirc for "das werk" and "scanline". Unfortunately I lost contact with him over the years. One of the head honchos sold a lot of sw collectibles to finance this project, IIRC.
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