What do you do with all the replicas you create?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by BuckRogers, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. BuckRogers

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    Hi, Out of curiosity, what do most of you do with all the stuff you make? You can't sell it can you because isn't it copyrighted? Do some of you have a garage full of stuff you are keeping "forever"?

    Don't mean it offensive or anything, just wondering.

    Thank you.

    edit: Sorry, I mean models, sculptures, costumes, homemade replicas, any of thee above.
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  2. CB2001

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    I keep them. I try to display them if possible (but right now, that's limited, as my Dad and I are both sharing display cases, which we both use, which includes various tin lunchboxes for multiple sci-fi and fantasy movies and TV shows, Star Trek merchandise and a couple of other stuff).
  3. DaddyfromNaboo

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    What exactly brought you here, if you are not able to answer that questions yourself? :lol
  4. Jedifyfe

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    I sell them.... :confused
  5. Underdog

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    Wow... Really? Just out of curiosity, do you work for free, what do you make, have you spent years and thousands of dollars making things just to have some jerk slam everything you do? Not trying to offend, but I've been at this five years plus and am thousands of dollars in the hole. At this rate, I will never profit. What's your next question?
  6. G17RDY


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    You make the things that you want to create and display - It it that simple!

    Sure, some people make items for profit or recoup their investment - others create as there is nothing produced as accurately, if at all, for their own delight, but mostly we create because we can!
  7. PepMaster

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    I've made 6 costumes to date, each costume has been donated at the end of each convention. My Emile suit was donated for a charity auction at a small convention, sadly it only sold for about 50 bucks but it went for a good cause the convention was Glitch Con 2011 . My Halo Master Chief suit I gave away to a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow group that was at All-Con 2010, they turned it into a Buzz Lightyear for thier skits. At Megacon 2011 I gave away my Umbrella Corp Outfit to a Costuming Group that does Resident Evil costuming to pass on to a potential member that can't afford the suit. And I can't remember what I did with the rest of them, but it's been a bit of a tradition for me to make a suit, and donate it to a charity or group afterwards.
    All my prop guns that I've used for costumes went the same way, along with props that I take with me to conventions just to charity auction them away.
  8. Commander Max

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    If you enter this hobby with the intentions of making a profit, your going to end up very disappointed.

    To answer the question, I make them I keep them. I only like to make what I'm interested in. After all this is about a passion for the subject, and being able to enjoy the fruits of one's labors.
  9. Underdog

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    I've worked and learned new things for years, while I was breaking new ground. You can't pay me for that. I'm teaching myself a new thing, so you can't beat me. You might spend your life wondering how people do things, you don't ever try.

  10. Szyntax

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    Me too
  11. Chrisisall

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    I try. Mostly succeed. I only make what I want to own myself- what no one else offers.:)
  12. moffeaton

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    I got into model making when I was 4 years old, when my parents did most of the work on the ANH Falcon kit that came out. Dad did the grain of wheat bulbs, mom did the black washes, and I helped cut things from sprues and glue (I kid you not - hippie parents giving their child a hobby knife and that Testors glue!)

    From then on, until I was probably 13, I built models as my primary hobby. Mostly from the box, and mostly to hone my skills. It taught me patience. It taught me spatial relations. I got better, and towards the end of that first run of building, I started scratch building, turning a Ferrari Testarossa into a hover car. I remember using SPACKLE for filler!!

    As I became a teenager, those models became vessels for fireworks, and I was more interested in playing music and chasing girls. Around my senior year of high school, a friend wanted to make a "space movie" and I started making miniatures for him and it rekindled my love for making models - and scratch building/kitbashing. There was a scene on a "lake" and we blew up a model i made - I took a Polaroid still from the TV we were screening shots on, and it's the only photographic proof I have of this time in this model building phase:

    Kablammo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    In College, Galoob and Hasbro started releasing Star Wars toys again (1993/5) and I started collecting, modding, and really becoming obsessed with Star Wars again (Those Zhan books helped in High School, too). The internet was a new gateway for reference pics and opportunities to connect with people, and find things. I realized in 1999 (via the R2 Builders Group) that people were recreating props! Found the RPF shortly after that, and dove in head first.

    I never looked back.

    Because of luck, skill, timing, and the internet/RPF, I have been able to make replicas for good money. I funded our wedding, helped buy furniture when we bought a house, helped keep up with repairs, took us to Japan to sell kits I created, and I have folded money back into the hobby for big zany projects. The friends and connections I have made here landed me at the Archives in Skywalker Ranch a good half dozen times, and I got to make things that were "official" - people own the Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, and Maschinen Krieger things I helped bring to market!

    So to answer your question - I sell them. I continue to hone my skills. I even keep some of them (but everything has a price - I can always make it again!). For me, it's about building, painting, and watching the object spring to life on the bench. It's about the people all over the world I can connect with over the computer, or even in person if I am traveling.

    Man, I'm in a good mood today! :lol
  13. Chrisisall

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    Great story!:thumbsup

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