What do people use to wipe clean a surface before clearcoat?


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Ive got a helmet i need to clearcoat, i want to be sure the surface is free from dust and such
What do people use to wipe the helmet before clearcoat?
make sure it is dried and stuck onto your helmet. I have seen Rustoleum peel off like skin if not completely dried and stuck to its target
Lightly sand with 400 grit. Gently wipe with mineral spirits on a sturdy paper towel.
After it dries, I wipe my cleaned, dry hand over it as a final once over, then spray

Spray past the target then slowly sweep it over your target, past the other side of your target.

I like putting helmets on a post, that way I can orbit around it with spraying sweeps.

Spray a light coat. Top down, try to avoid dripping down sides or pooling at the bottom

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