What DEAD Celebrity HAVE Have you met?


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Seeing how so many wanted to meet a Celebrity thats passed, who has met whom that has passed. My mom used to work for a make up company in El Segundo CA for I believe the entire decade of the 70's so tons of celebs and industry people would just walk through the door.
On that note:

Raymond Burr,
This was when Ironside was still on tv and I asked him where his wheelchair was. After that he always cracked jokes at me. Not much other than that I can recall. He was a nice guy. It wasnt till the next person on the list that it hit me id meet him again 15 years or so later at Universal Studios on Delirious and it didnt click that it was him.

John Candy,
met him on Delirious and talked for hours when there was an issue with lighting and finger pointing... He said it was shocking more people didnt OD out of "that crowd" as everyone was on something mixed with something and not everyone knew what they were on. A Universal Studios tram was going by and some people yelled hello to him. He quickly darted to the tram to sign autographs. The guy was ginormous! Taller than me (im 6'2") and full of energy. He never complained about anything and always made it a point to talk to the extras. I think it reminded him of simpler times.

David Carradine,
met him twice in the 90's. Once at Roger Cormans studio in Venice Beach CA and again on an episode of the Profiler. Not much to say, he kept to himself much of the time and was very soft spoken.

James Coburn,
again oddly enough at Roger Cormans studio. His son was a sound operator. Great guy, talkative and magnetic.

Peter Falk,
on a Columbo tv movie during the 90's. Not sure if he was in character the entire time but seemed to have a drunkenness about him. Good sense of humor but kept to himself a lot.

Jeff Conaway,
My uncle knew someone that was involved with the hot rods in Grease and then again 20 years later on Man on the moon. He was level headed and talkative for Man on the moon. Not sure if it was the lighting or color correction but he didnt seem to have aged in person but in the film he was older. I did catch him during lunch when the Taxi set was empty sitting in the audience seating taking in the set. He along with some of the Taxi cast cried when that set was wrapped. Most of those scene in film were improv.

Bob Hope,
we used to see him often at a supermarket in Toluca Lake. Not much to say, he kept to himself.

Jerry F'ing Reed,
I say Jerry F'ing Reed because they guy was awesome! My mom used to win radio station promotions on a daily basis due to the phone system where she had worked. I kid you not, it was a sort of running gag at one point with the DJ's to the point a rule was made about how many times a person could win.... Then she started using other peoples names, she used my name when it came to meet Jerry Reed at a small gig to have a record signed. There were numerous others such as Mac Davis, Eddie Rabbit, Crystal Gayle.... but Jerry F'ing Reed was the man. The guy was the cure for cancer.

Bettie Page,
This one I didnt believe for a good while until her actual death and reading up on it. A girl I was dating in the early 90's had a grandpa at an old folks home. Supposedly the woman across from his room was Bettie Page. She was nice but the old man had said she wasnt when people were not there for visiting hours. I dont recall anyone visiting her and the girl I was dating said she had never seen anyone visit either.

Im guessing about 1975 or 1976 in Vegas at Circus Circus. My grandparents had an RV and would tote around from time to time to Vegas and back for the weekend. My Grandma was a huge Elvis fan and had seen many of his Vegas shows which is why I believe we were there. Her and I were walking in a back entrance and a small circle of people were walking toward us. I remember my grandma stopping and being near speechless but I didnt know why. One person broke from that circle of people and walked right up to her, said hello, it was Elvis. I dont recall what he said but he talked to her for a minute and had a big smile. After that my grandma always carried a camera with her which is a habit that I caught and still do to this day.
Met Frank Gorshin at Chiller and got his Autograph. Awesome guy! I gave him way too much money for the autograph, didn't think about getting change, and was about to walk away when he stopped me and let me know and gave me the change. Ha ha. :)

David Carradine,
met him twice in the 90's. Once at Roger Cormans studio in Venice Beach CA and again on an episode of the Profiler. Not much to say, he kept to himself much of the time and was very soft spoken.

I rode up in an elevator with Carradine at DragonCon several years ago dressed as Pinhead form Hellraiser. He started talking to me because I had just attended his band's performance earlier in the night and since most of the audience weren't dressed up, I kinda stood out. He said he saw me walk in and sit down. Luckily too, I had just seen an older movie of his, "Serpent's Egg", a few weeks earlier and was able to say something intelligent about it instead of mentioning "Kill Bill" or "Kung Fu". He seemed really cool. I wish now I'd gotten a pic with him.
I was working in an amusement arcade in Southend on sea in the late 80's and Benny Hill came in with one of his Hills Angels and a couple of her children.
Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope.

Troop show at Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB 1987. President Reagan flew in for the taping of the show. Was backstage (with several others) when Pres. Reagan shook my hand (along with several others), thanked me for my service. Bob was standing next to him grinning ear to ear. :D

Tony Curtis. I directed him for a commercial on Maui. Awesome guy. Despite his legendary status, he was humble and gracious and took direction very, very well. He did exactly what you asked him to to, respecting your role as director.
I met Albert King in Memphis back in... 90 or so I think. A friend of mine grew up there, so we went up from South Georgia to visit with his mom. While we were there we hit up Beale Street and went to BB King's Cafe and met him there. He was a little... I don't wanna say grouchy, maybe patiently gruff, but I reckon that as a very old black man in the South he was a little touchy about white folks. Still and all, nice enough fellow, and as musicians, we were tickled pink to have a chance to meet a legend like that.
Margaret Hamilton ( wicked witch of the west-wizard of oz )..in the late 1970's she was performing in a play which had a two month run in Boston, and she and the rest of the cast stayed at the hotel where I was a night auditor..she would come down to the lobby/front desk area every night after a performance and hang out and chat for a couple of hours..a real professional and even kinder person..
Chris Farley,
Seen him in Pasadena right outside Tower Records. My friend that worked at Tower yelled out "where is your van" expecting a "down by the river" reply instead he pointed to a van in the parking lot.
Aw, no story? Got my hopes up there.

I was working at Starbucks back in 1996 in Brentwood ( just up the street from where Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered).

Chris Farley came in with a couple of friends. He looked sweaty and unhealthy. He was very quiet but ordered a mocha. I said I was a big fan and he thanked me.

I saw him again about 2 months later in Santa Monica.

6 months later he died. The day after his death I was working at a restaurant in Westwood and I waited on Dennis Miller. I told him that I was sorry for his loss of a SNL alumnus. He thanked me but said that he never knew Chris.
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