What costumes need THESE?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Nibenon, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Nibenon

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    Alrighty, I know Christmas was quite a while ago, but I've only bothered to do this now. First, check out the awesome gifts (people know me so well :rolleyes), but then take a gander at those boots.

    They are, quite possibly, the best knee-high boots EVER. Quite comfy and they've garnered many stares from passerby over the past few months. Lastly, I've also worn them to parties (alongside that new fedora) as a steampunk hero/generic action hero-explorer. The thing is, are there any real costumes that use similar footwear? I don't want to modify them too bad, short of changing the buckles or something.

    So, any ideas?
  2. Crank729

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    For some reason I see Ramona Flowers ( from scott Pilgrim ) Wearing those......

    But you're a dude.....so that could be a problem.
  3. Lutso

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    Chill out dude, I'm just using your super-convenient Subspace highway...

    I think you're onto something with the neo-explorer thing. Just make a new costume from scratch - design something cool for yourself.
  4. JediJayne

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    You could do a generic Old Republic style Jedi. I bet they would compliment some minimal armor pretty well
  5. Angelus Lupus

    Angelus Lupus Sr Member

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    I so want those boots!
    Not sure on Old Republic, as I can't recall ever seeing laces on SW boots, but they'd really work for something Steampunk, or for a generic treasure/monster hunter type of costume (for some reason I'm thinking of The Mummy?)
  6. Dave Porter

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    Agreed with angelus - I want those.:thumbsup
  7. Nibenon

    Nibenon Active Member

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    Hehe... Well the boots are on eBay for roughly $170. Just look for "knee high leather boots." and Angelus, you're spot on with the Mummy idea. I've already been ordering some khaki trousers and shirts.

    JediJayne, also a good idea. Unfortunately, compact body armor isn't my forte... but regardless, maybe I'll just start with a decent outer robe.

    Well these ideas are all great so far; I am starting to design a custom hero outfit though. Maybe this will be the steampunk thread!
  8. Grave

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    there was a game on xbox called dark watch. those boots would be awesome for it.
    hmm, think i found a new project
  9. Nibenon

    Nibenon Active Member

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    Well using a puffy white shirt, a black waistcoat, black hoodie, plenty of red cloth, a spaulder made from a leather jacket and a belt, and of course the boots of awe, one can pull off a pretty effective Assassin.

    Man, I am lanky.:lol
  10. CelticRuins

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    I'm also getting Van Helsing.

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