What clone wars character should i make?


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so, ya... who?

prefer it to be an alien or robot/droid but i wanna do something that others would want(mostly cuz i wanna mold it but cant afford to spend $300 in supplies without a little return :lol)

It'll be a bust.. but if small enough full...

Please just comment whoever :)



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hmm mace would be nice.. idk how i would tackle kit with his head tails(without the casting/molding price being through the roof)


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i don't know about yoda in a clone wars style. I've seen it before and didn't really like it. plus, next to all the Amazing real yoda's here i don't think it would be that good.


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superprops i'm currently thinking about trying to build a cad bane costume and was wondering if you could give any advice on building certain parts? Also if you happened to make parts for sale I would consider that option as well
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