What clay to use to sculpt and tools for sculpting?

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I think that I'm going to get started on Dobby from Harry potter and I was wondering what clay to use to sculpt the head out of and what tools to use to add detail or to smooth the clay etc. Also, what are the directions for the clay drying on the brand you recommend?


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Full size or figurine? How long do you have to work on the sculpture, an hour or two at a time or a couple of weeks fulltime? Are you experienced with wet clay, oilbased clay or polymers? How long is a piece of string? :D

Horses for courses, basically. Give us more info and we'll know better what suits your needs...


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As a newbie you are likely best to start out with a basic sculpting kit... Once you find your groove you can take dowels and piano wire or whatever and make your own tools that work well for you...

If you search the forums there have been many topics on the subject of clay, there is simply no one size fits all, and depending on your clay choice the technique to 'smooth' will be different... Also except for some real popular brands a lot of clays are regional and not available everywhere, at least not economically...

For skin detailing and sorts, again you can get some starter kits but most people will end up making their own rubber stamps catered to their likes to add texture...

It's really an art, and there is no wrong or right way just some basic guidance that can be given from that point, you need to simply experiment and find what works for you...

I'm not personally endorsing this site but I know many others have used them and been happy, if you are in the US then browse around... Pretty much a one stop for the basics that will no overwhelm you with choices...

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