what can i use for laying hair on silicone (dragon skin 10)


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Hi im looking for some sort of glue to lay hair on a silicone mask (dragon skin 10) as i dont want to hair punch the whole head!, what is the best thing to use for this?
i was thinking clear silicone in a tube, sil poxy or just thickened dragon skin smeared on the head. any suggestions will be great. plus id like to gloss the eyes, what is the best thing to use? i normally use epoxy on latex but will this work on silicone?


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I was hoping someone with a lot more experience would reply, but I think Sil-Poxy is probably the adhesive you would want. For a glossier appearance, I airbrushed another layer of uncolored and thinned Dragon Skin 10, but I'm sure there is a better way. Call the Smooth-On hotline! They will give you great advice and suggestions for projects like this.

Good Luck!


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Sil-Poxy should be the one, better than using DGSK10 as you will avoid mixing components etc. Don´t smear it all at a time, little by little better and watch some videos or tutorials to start from the correct place. Remember one layer hides the glue of the previous (so you start form the lower layer) and there are directions in which the hair grows.
Honestly I prefer punching, with silicone one could see it (silicone residue) through the hair and it´s messy. But can be done and with good results if you´re careful.
What are the eyes made of?