What bio do YOU wanna have on your suit???


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Hey guys,

I have been thinking and planning, and I am thinking about making some basic bio helmets. I will be making quite a few helmets like a basic pred without any special pieces, a few basic pred with a jaw bios, much like the berserker, and lastly, one or two special bios with horns like a deer's antlers on top of a bio with a few extra touches. If you are interested, just tell me. I would like to know this before I make these bios. If lots of people are interested, I will make them and sell them on ebay.

Wolf 177

Yautja Purist

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I'm definitely interested, but when you're finished with the first one, I'd like to see a pic of it...I'm really picky about the look of the original predator bio. I barely liked the remake in the PREDATORS film.
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