Interest What Batman Cowl Do You Want to See Made?


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From what I've read, coofunkcurly will have an Arkham Asylum cowl ready soon if not now. You may want to get in touch with him. Or you could try out reevzfx. I know he's got an Asylum cowl too.

He also produced the New 52 Bats cowl, along with the Keaton Batman. Should be working on Returns.

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And I already make a Miller cowl :)

and you make the Batfleck cowl from BvS.


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AzBat would be cool to see.



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I would love to see the Jim Lee design from Hush. My top 3 cowls of all time (Arkham Origins, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, and Nolan's TDK) are all already available on this forum though, so that's pretty damn amazing :D


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Here's a quick tally so far of what people have stated they're interested in:
Batman Beyond I
Adam West II
Marshall Rogers I
Greg Capullo II
Injustice Cowl I
Noel Cowl I
DK Returns I
Killing Joke I
Arkham Knight Cowl II
Arkham Asylum Cowl I
Steve Rude's World's Finest I
Bat in the Sun's City of Scars I
Azrael Bat II
Jim Aparo I
Dead End for a 24" head I
Kingdom Come I
Dawn of Justice I
Arkham Origins I
Sideshow 1:1 Bust I
Animated I
Geoff Johns Earth One I
Jim Lee Hush I
Gotham by Gaslight I

So many different designs! Is anyone else interested in any of the designs I just listed?


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Definitely would prefer to see a cowl that hasn't been produced yet. Some of the ones in the list are available from folks here on rpf.
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