What are you’re top 3 go to Christmas movies

Muppet Christmas Carol is the only go-to of mine I can think of.
But I make sure to watch all these specials every year:
Charlie Brown
Emmett Otter
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
It fluctuates but usually
Scrooge A Christmas Carol with Alistair Simms
Die Hard.. It is a Christmas movie!
Usually Elf.. That's not Candy

But for Creepyness The Polar Express
Nightmare before Christmas.. Three seasons in one movie, well their is an Easter Bunny moment.
Black Christmas... Reminds me of wrapping up presents in a rush after coming back from the Christmas do the night before Christmas.
Oh and that crazy movie with Ryan Reynolds where he got friend zoned..

I think I could prolly mention loads more.
"White Christmas" still always gets me close to crying at the scene near the end when the General walks downstairs in his pinks and greens and his entire staff is waiting for him with over a hundred of his former soldiers, all in their WW2 class As or Ike jackets.
Any vet would get weak in the knees at such a sight.

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