What are the best MAKING OF books out there


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We talk a lot about MAKING OF dvd's and such, but what about the best MAKING OF BOOKS? I really enjoyed the Complete Making of Indiana Jones book. Are there other books out there about movies that I need to check out?

I heard the Making Of Hellboy was really good. Any other suggestions? I LOVE LOVE LOVE books like this!

what about the best MAKING OF BOOKS?

I'm surprised you haven't read this yet, Chuck.

The Art of Tron is a fantastic read and one of the jewels of my Tron collection. Very rare pictures in that book that I haven't seen anywhere else.

I really want to read the making of Fifth Element as I heard it's really good.
FUTURE NOIR:THE MAKING OF BLADE RUNNER is probably the best. I also recommend:

FINAL CUT: ART MONEY AND EGO IN THE MAKING OF HEAVENS GATE (not sci-fi or fantasy but very interesting from a filmaking persective)
Not really a 'Making Of' book, but "Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula" has some fantasic pictures of the costumes.
Beautiful... just beautiful!
The best making of books I've ever read were The art / the making of Judge Dredd.

Art of District 9 probably qualifies as a 'making of' to a degree as there's a ton of BTS info in it, and it's my new fave book in this vein. But yeah, I have to agree those two JD books were just superb. Still have both my copies in good shape.

The two 5th Element books were also really good, and Future Noir is way up there too - fantastic content, I just wish to hell it'd been a heavily illustrated, wide-format coffee-table coated-paper blowout. :D
Always thought the Star Wars Chronicles was decent ;) and I quite enjoyed most, if not all of the Art of book for the Pixar Movies.

For the images alone, yeah the Tron, and both Iron man are great, I'd like to say the Suckerpunch was good, but I don't have it, I had it pre-ordered before the damn movie came out and 2 months after the release the order was canceled by Amazon cause it was out of print - can you say WTF?
Talisen, the Sucker Punch artbook is amazingly good. Everything an art book should be - track it down! The Wall-E book is great. Chronicles, yeah OK, pretty good - crap research, but great pics. I haven't seen the Tron or IM books. Dang, more for the list...
Not really a 'Making Of' book, but "Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula" has some fantasic pictures of the costumes.
Beautiful... just beautiful!

That's the favorite of the books in my collection, along with "The Age of Innocence" art book. Simply beautiful.
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