What a week of Doctor Who props!!!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by The Next Doctor, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Well, this week has been a good week for getting some Doctor Who Props. I will get better pics in the next week or so, but this is what I came in this week.

    Started the week with this little guy. It isn't one of the "white metal" version you see on certain auction sites, this one is aluminium. Cleaned up real nice and painted like a mini version of the 8th Doctor's Sonic


    Next the TARDIS Shard arrived, needs to be weathered, but I will get to that maybe this weekend.


    Russ' Romana II Sonic showed up yesterday


    And round out the week with a book from the UK


    Again, sorry for the poor pics.
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    Nice! where did you manage to find Romana's sonic screwdriver? It's hard to find pictures of it even.
  3. greatwazoo42

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    The Romana is a RussRep, isn't it?

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