Wh1plash's Luke X-wing helmet build


Did this build a while ago, but I'm kind of new to this forum, so thought I might share some pics.

Finished product:

Here's the fully assembled darthhair kit that I started with:

Cut some relief into these decals so they would lay flat on the spherical helmet:



Here's the finished pics before I began weathering:

For weathering, I went with black acrylic paint, water, and dish soap mixed together. Slather it on, then blot it off with paper towels. Clearcoat, and repeat. On one of the rounds, I did a light spray of black spraypaint over it, so the soapy water would repel in places. Made for a good effect I think.



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Is this your own interpretation of Luke's helmet, or based on one of the rarely seen variation? If you're going for accurate, you need to put in quite a bit more grey line detail (around the red cheek boxes and encircling the red and yellow V's section), you need the black line detail at the bottom of the mohawk sides, you need the black detail lines either side of the red stripe down the centre of the mohawk, the red rebel phoenix insignias need black outlines and your Mohawk end cap should be white and yellow (with thin black lines either side of the yellow lines) instead of black and yellow.