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Weta Tenzan Chainmail....where does it go?


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I was rewatching Kingdom of Heavan last night, and love the armor in that movie, same for all of the LOTOR movies, Robin Hood (ridley Ver), and the Hobbit.

I would love, LOVE to get my grubby paws on some Weta Chainmail. BUt it gets disappeared fast, you never see it for sale at the prop places, and weta doesn't appear to be in the mood to sell it.

Where does it all disappear too?:unsure
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Due to the time to make the suits, I'd imagine they hold on to them for future productions or they rent them out. Does Weta stuff normally get out to begin with?

- Jeff
Ok here is you answer
I got a complete WETA chainmail
When I got it I was like, OMG, finally....
Here is a link to my FB pic, sorry that's the best picture I have for now.
I used it as a trade show display
Look at the Kingdom Of Heaven display
That's a real WETA chainmail

Wrong Gear | Facebook

Though it is ligher than the regular chainmail, it still has some weight to it. It is definitly not feather light

The cool thing is that they made it just like the old times, it is not a complete chainmail, it does have some fabric in between, like in the chest area where it is covered by other armor or surcoat. The fabric area also decrease some of the weight too.

I am out of the country right now for one month on a business trip
When I go back to LA, I will take some detailed pictures if you need them.

Some links are broken, but I did get couple sets of those DIY WETA key chain at last year's Comic Con, so I can fix the broken ones

Hope this answers your question

BTW, that surcoat is an actual surcoat used by Orlando

The Crye chassis was used in Transformers by Epps from the first movie ( Not the helmet and shirt, just the vest itself )

And that MJ look alike jacket was used in a 1927 or 28 silent film called The Patriot ( which has nothing to do with the Mel Gibson version )

( And my real job is making snowboard, Ski and tactical mask and gear )


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I'm not sure many WETA props etc are in private hands.

Presumably most of the chain mail is still in the WETA archives?


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Just make your own like I did for my General Kael costume.

PVC Chainmaile Macro | Flickr - Photo Sharing!



Get a way to mass cut them. Doing it by hand hurts your hands, and takes longer than actually assembling the costume.


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Spec ops, nice armor! BUt you didn't answer my question......where does the armor go? And how the heck did you get so lucky to get it!!! that it awesome!

Hammer that looks amazing!! did you paint it up as well? Would love to see more pics of it and what diameter pipe did you use?
Spec ops, nice armor! BUt you didn't answer my question......where does the armor go? And how the heck did you get so lucky to get it!!! that it awesome!

I do not know where most of the Chainmail went, but if you are talking about armor, especially Narnia, they got auctioned off
As of mine set, both surcoat and chainmail, they came from Prop Store a while back
Hope this answers ur question
There was a partial set for sell on e-bay about 2 years ago.


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it does, that stuff is hard to come by I watch the prop store hoping some will come through, but that stuff gets snapped up quick.

next winter might be a replication project.


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We had one of the suits in the office for texture mapping for the digital work we did on the first Narnia film. I was amazed at how good the stuff looked in person. It looks like the ABS rings were done with slight variations in the pigmentation, so when you mixed them up, it took on an irregular sheen. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

We had a swatch of the stuff hanging around so we could play with it and figure out how to get our cloth sims to wrinkle and drape properly. It wasn't dyed like the actual costume.



PS - Yes, we sent the costumes back.


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Never thought to use PVC pipe- that's excellent! I have a coat I made years ago, but it's galvanized 14-gauge wire, so it weighs 35 pounds- far too heavy for use as a park costume. Might have to try the plastic kind.


ahh, what wimps. Ask Tina about her little Thunderdome outfit. That was real metal chainmaile. Now these actors are so prissy they get plastic stuff or CGI... sheesh.
Rant off.... sorry been doing real chainmaile on and off for a while and even cutting my own metal rings...

They prob lease most of the stuff, and return it to Weta when filming is over, the some main pieces prob got bought up quick by people who knew what it was and is in collections.


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If weight is your primary concern there are sites out there that sell mail made from aluminum which makes it lighter than steel but still heavier than Weta's plastic mail. Alternately, I don't think that it would be that difficult to cast your own rings, just make a few masters by cutting PVS pipes, or something similar, then making a mold of all them together. It might take a bit longer than cutting them all by hand but it would probably less tedious even if you would have to clean the rings afterward; on the bright side, you could cast them with a metallic additive (sorry, don't know the proper term) in the resin and you wouldn't have to worry about painting them and you wouldn't have to worry about the paint chipping either.
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