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So I'm just about ready to order me a Raiders style Wested jacket but I'm wondering if I should go for goatskin or lambskin. I live in Illinois so cool weather is more plentiful than I would honestly like....so I'm thinking the thicker goatskin may be better. I do want it to age naturally though and get a nice weathered look to it eventually. Will the goatskin age gracefully in such a way? I know the lambskin weathers fairly easily from what I've read.

Any advice would definitely be appreciated :)
I think the lambskin will you give you a more SA look because it's almost flimsy, especially after some distressing or wear. As a practical matter, I think the goatskin would serve you better in the Illinois winter.

I had a predistressed cowhide Wested and it was almost too warm for the climate in middle NC but worked great when I wore it to the mountain ski slopes. I recently bought a lambskin Wested that I think will get lots of wear here....possibly this weekend as temperatures are forecast to be in the 40's.

Despite all the argument over who makes the most SA jacket, I still love Wested. Just my two cents, good luck.

I've had a Wested goatskin since 2003. I bought it because of the durability and weight (winter in Michigan is pretty cold). So far the jacket has held up beautifully. It is bulletproof, I swear.

After having it for so long and wearing it less frequently over the winter months I sometimes find myself wishing I had gone with the lamb. I have a feeling it would be looking pretty epic by now. My goat still looks new... for the most part. Obviously the shine is gone, and the sleeves are very wrinkled, but there are almost zero color changes from "natural distressing".
Living in Illinois, you probably won't be able to wear the lamb much without at least a sweater underneath. It suits me just fine in L.A. but I know how cold it can get in the Midwest.

If you want both comfort and a weathered look, you could always get the goat and distress it UNnaturally.
I've had my Goat when he first came out with them and it still looks like the day i got it.

If you get the goat you will probably have to distress it yourself
This definitely comes down to what you want.

Do you want accuracy? Lambskin.

Or do you want functionality? Goatskin.
I used to own a Wested Goatskin. This was years ago and I'm guessing Peter may have a new source of goat because they have listed on their site "soft goat skin" now. All I can tell you is that MY goatskin was like body armor. It was a good jacket but hard to get that "broken in" look.....that was even after washing it and drying it.

Right now Wested is selling their Indy "Hero" jacket and a few members over at Indy Gear have bought it in the Seal Brown Lambskin and it looks darn close to Ford's jacket in Raiders. If I had the cash right now I'd order one myself.

Lambskin my not be as durable as goat but you'll get the desired "screen accurate" look with it for sure. Unless you think you're going to be getting drug behind a truck while wearing the jacket I'd say go for the Lambskin. :)
Hmmm...I really hadn't given much thought to the "Hero" version of this jacket but for $60 more that may be the better option :)

Thanks again for everyone's input. I think I'm going to go with the lambskin.
I have both. I like both for different reasons. I'm from NY and used to take my lamb back with me even in the winter to walk around Manhattan. I had the interior all cotton and I never get cold and I never zip it up. Plus i always go in just a t-shirt. I don't like sweaters.

How do you handle the cold? Do you need something a bit heavier?

And for just $60 more, definitely go for the "hero" jacket. I'd love to get one of those but not until the conversion gets better.
I usually stay fairly warm. I may layer some shirts but I'm not a big sweater fan. Based on what everyone is saying I'm thinking I'm going to order a hero jacket in lambskin. 60 bucks more would give me a nicer jacket. I wear a lighter jacket most of the year and the thicker goatskin would limit me more to just winter.

Thanks again for everyone's input! It really has helped a lot :)
Glad to help! I have a feeling I will be upgrading to a lamb hero jacket myself one of these days. Post up pics when it arrives.
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