Welp, off to buy lottery tickets!


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Just got a quote in from a company that does custom design stuff from various sources.

I asked for a quote for my donner crystal in lab created emerald.

$26K. A piece. :eek

It WAS cheaper for green colored ruby though, that only came out to 450$ a piece!

So, anyone have any good numbers to use? :lol



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14-20-29-44-47 (18)

Trust me ;-)

Seriously though, have you considered using a milled plastic compound with some sore of pigment mixed in? It might produce the desired effect at a fraction of the cost...


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:lol I already have a crystal company that makes stuff for me, I just thought I would check with a gemstone company I use for the other hobby I have, which is collecting rough gemstones.

They were very nice about it, and didn't bat an eye at quoting me the 26K price, but I thought it was a little bit in poor taste to not include shipping :darnkids

:lol Totally gonna jack these lotto numbers, and hey, if I win big, I will give ya both one made outta the good stuff!

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