Welp, another item off the bucket list - I-Man gland from 2000 TV show


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I've wanted one of these since I saw the pilot, and finally wrangled some behind the scenes pics and measurements from a hero gland.

I still need to do SOME tweaks on it (embiggen the lil one), but overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out :)


I also made one for the cgi gland they used a few times in the series, and I gotta admit I dig this one just a bit more.

It's hard to see in the pics but the texture on the above gland is sort of a skin style. I'm redoing it though to be deeper and larger because it's not really at it's best right now. They both have the correct curves and bends in the arms/pseudopods and the correct angles for placement. OH THAT WAS FUN TO FIGURE OUT.

Still, 15 years of wanting this and it's officially on the "almost done" list. The only way I can be happier is figuring out how to make casts out of silicone or latex so it can be all wiggly :lol

I love it when a project is offically in that last stage of "We are almost there, there's light at the end of the tunnel!!!"



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Dog gone It Chris. you had to go and show me how much memory i'm loosing. had to look the show up before I remembered watching it. I hate old age...

nice work !:thumbsup


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It's been about 14 years since it aired the first time, and the second season STILL isn't out on dvd, but I loved the show.

I've been wanting it for years, and finally managed to get it done. I'm 95% there, just a few model tweaks and I can start to worry about how to mold and cast it :lol

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