well my bad news for my ironman bulid


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well i was half done with my helmet three weeks ago but ot in to a car WRECK :cry and lost everything my tools my card stock and my car i rolled 2 1/2 times it was a blessing me, my wife and our 2 friends lived so now i am back to square 1


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thats great to hear you and family and friends are ok. but just remember cars and projects like an ironman build can be replaced human life cant.


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not to sound harsh but i dont think i'd give a crap about my helmet if i had lost it during a car crash in which i rolled 2 1/2 times, i'd just be glad i was able to talk about it.

good to hear everyone wasn't hurt, better inanimate objects than some ones life


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got to agree with everyone else here....the loss of your lid is pretty unimportant in the grand scale of things. At least you're still in one piece to start another thank goodness :)

Judge Spartan

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Happy to hear you're all o.k. Just rebuild the helmet and you're on your way again. You'll probably build it better the next time around-- it usually happens that way. Good luck.
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