Weird Al's UHF Stock certificate


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I've been a huge fan of Weird Al (and yes even a Close Personal Friend of Al) for many years now. I'm trying to recreate the stock certificate used towards the end of the film. I've attached a screenshot and a rough adjustment of the certificate.

The border is relatively straight forward, and the logo is seen elsewhere and I've been able to recreate that.

What I'm drawing a blank on is the female head in the middle. I've trawled through countless pictures of old certificates and haven't found anything close to it. I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions.


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Definitely looks like something off of a stamp or coin.

Searching Vintage liberty stamp got some of these in Google images.


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I checked with a good friend of mine that works with Al, and has been in the archive, and he doesn't think that even Al has one of these. The Fan Club offered them at one point, but those seem to be quite rare.


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I think you may have found it! Thanks!

Agreed. The helmet matches very closely, including light and dark spots.
Could also be a man with a laurel wreath or a helmet:

Ummm....Dude. You just found the EXACT certificate !!!!!!

Text, graphics and all. Just add the Logo where that Beckenridge text is.


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This reminds me I never ended up posting my final one.
I ended up purchasing a Beckenridge Certificate and scanned it in. Then colour shifted the border.

Here is my end result.

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Even better!! Haha, I’ve been scouring the internet for the beckenridge certificate!! Thanks so much for doing this!! I have wanted this for years! My copy of UHF is a dvd from blockbuster that we never returned and then they went out of business hehe. Thanks again!!!!

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