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Hay Guys,

Since October 2014 Trekyards have worked to bring you a weekly Star Trek documentary based web show dedicated to starships.

In our time we have released 18 episodes and have such guests joining us as Doug Drexler the designer of the NX-01, Alec Peters the main man behind Axanar and Rick Sternbach who designed DS9, Voyager and many more ships for both TNG and Voyager!

We release a new episode every Saturday, are announcing a new designer every Sunday and having a special bonus guest episode each Wednesday. All of this to celebrate the start of our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise money to upgrade our own kit and allow us to keep Trekyards going!

If you love Star Trek ships and learning new and exciting behind the scenes facts with the people who designed them, then support our Indiegogo. We have some fun perks, for $30 you can join the exclusive Facebook Group which will have regular Q&A Threats in which we will take your questions and get answers from the designers themselves in a new exclusive video each week! Have you ever wanted to ask Doug something about the NX-01, and then Rick about DS9…now’s your chance!

So check out our 18 episodes and our Indiegogo page and please do help us keep Trekyards going!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB_pEjAHgpI – Brand new episode on DS9 with Rich Sternbach

Please check us out and support us if you can, anything is appreciated!

Thank You

Samuel Cockings
Trekyards Team
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