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Weebette render1.png

Im just about done with Weebette's 3d Model to 3d print.
I loved her mother, Weebo, but I love symmetry even more.
I think in the future we will have person AI pals, so this movie was ahead of its time.

She features: opening screen, flapping fins, rotating skirt, and ball joint thrusters.

I wonder if there is a display you could cut to size or custom order for the weird shape seen here.

I welcome any critical feedback or ideas.

Here's a live 3d model

Weebette render3.png
Weebette render2.png
Weebette breakout.png
Weebette breakout 2.png
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I'll use this comment as a running todo list.

✓ Add pins and sockets between the 2 halves.
✓ Add hinge nipples to display.
✓ Add 2 more holes to Vent and accommodating standoffs
✓ Extend eyes and sockets for press fit
✓ Added slot to rear vent for wire mesh insert
✓ Remove weight from ball joints
✓ Increase skirt diameter for greater range of movement
✓ Investigate eyelash glitch
✓ Add anchor points for display actuator
✓ Add cards and slots
• Add screw holes and accessory giblets(rather not, prefering seamless symmetry)


  • Weebette render5.png
    Weebette render5.png
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