WedgeÂ’s Rogue three Snowspeeder

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by ckwanwoo, May 21, 2006.

  1. ckwanwoo

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    Hello Everyone.

    My name is Eric.
    I live in South Korea.
    I Â’m trying to collect the Studio scale model of SW.

    A few month ago, I bought DAMAGED Snowspeeder of MR on ebay.
    So, I have rebuilt and repaint the replica from lukeÂ’s version to wedgeÂ’s version.

    Plz, find the production note and the completion pics in below link

    Note : My blog was wrote by Korean language due to IÂ’m Korean^^Â…sorrrry. :D

    <production note>

    <completion pics>

  2. PHArchivist

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    Very nicely done.
  3. ralphee

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    Love it, very nice indeed.
  4. HDPE

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    Good job :thumbsup
  5. Jestefarean

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    WOW. I love it.

    Is the internal detail you added based on the actual SS model, or just meant to aproximate it?
  6. Pauleysolo

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    Great job. I think the snowspeeders look so much better with the red orange markings vs gray...
  7. swpropmaker

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    Great work on the Snow Speeder. This dude's Blog page is loaded with studio scale stuff. Nice job. I really like the TIE Fighter build up. Check the linkout.
  8. ckwanwoo

    ckwanwoo Sr Member

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    Thank you guys :D

    Actually, The internal detail of snowspeeder is just approximate. :lol

    I REALLY want to get more SS information from SS manias....Thanx
  9. Beeb89

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    Taking Steve's advice and looking through your site, you really do some GREAT work.. I REALLY like the diorama of the the snow speeder wrapping the cable around the legs of the ATAT. VERY cool..

    -B89. :D
  10. Lynn TXP 0369

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    Now that is the snowspeeder I wish MR did..
    Don't get me wrong, I love mine, but I like the red stripes alot better.

  11. captjustc

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    I totally agree. This one has the MR beat hands down.
  12. IndustrialSizeEd

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  13. Kuhn Global

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    Makes me want to have my MR re-painted.. :)


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