Star Wars Webley No1 Mk1 Flare Gun - Converted Federal Laboratories Version

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For your consideration is a Webley No1 Mk1 Flare Gun Federal Laboratories Version that was de chromed, internally cleaned and greased and blued to the Boba Fett EE3 coloration. The great thing about converting the Federal Lab's Webleys is that the chrome keeps the metal in near perfect condition underneath waiting for us Boba Fett lovers to reveal the beauty. A few small imperfections here and there but a beautiful sample. Possible the finest to pass through my hands. Some of the hardware was not de-chromed due to the 100 plus year age. They can be de-chromed or painted if you'd like but I will leave that to you.

Please do not use the buy it now. Lets discuss before purchase. Shipping and insurance included to CONUS. No international shipping on this item.

Weblet A.jpg
Webley B.jpg
Webley C.jpg
Webley D.jpg
Webley E.jpg
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amazing! great looking one (y) Every time I see one of them, I save all pictures to my reference folder just in case I can finally try to reproduce one from scratch.
good luck with the sale Cam :)
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