Weathering on top of a Glossy Paint.


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Hey Guys!

Im nearing the end of my Mass Effect 2 Guns build. Unfortuantely, the closest color needed for a large part on both guns, I was only able to find a Gloss spray.

One gun is primarily White, The other is a medium grey = Both are gloss, was unable to find Matte.

I will be weathering these guns for battle damage - Dry brushing silver scratches etc.

But im wondering how can I go about weathering the glossy parts?

Im thinking (please instruct me if this is wrong)
1. Poster paint, and black washing over the top = Will it result in a worn in look? - Also with this, the grey is too light (Used the darkest I could find without it being too black). This should darken the area?

2. Sanding it with 1200 first, then doing the black wash?

Any other ideas or tips, ive never done this before and these are my first props hehe.

Thanks heaps in advance for the help guys!!!

Oh and here are some pics of the guns (Didnt get the latest pics with the grey and white coats as my phone was flat) These shots are just after giving a flat black coat :



And this one was done in so i could have an idea what it will look like when its done :D


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Ohhk. I imagine i could find that at a hobby shop here in Australia.... Ill have a look! :D

Yeah, I need to find a better paint supplier. Only place I know of currently is Bunnings, and they sell generic spray paint - All in gloss except for a flat black ^^;. Ideally I would like to get an airbrush for future projects but thats a bit out of my expense range at the moment.

Thank you very much for the advice! :)

Mr. Nagata

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If you can't find Testors, there's a number of other companies that make matte clear coat. Like Tamiya. There's also a ton of non-hobby matte coats in a rattle cans like Rustoleum and Krylon, but I would test them first.


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Just called the local hobby shop - they have testors :D

So Should i spray the testors over the gloss paint, then proceed to weather , then a final protective coat of testors?

Or, Weather on top of gloss, then seal with testors???


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Thank you all very much for your suggestions!!! You've all been very helpful! :)

Would you guys suggest using thinned tamiya paints for weathering (also, what would I use as a thinner)?
My friend said he uses poster paint, but to my understanding poster paint is still water soluable after it dries?


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Hahahah I like that... "the truth says : You do good work" xD thank you very much!!!!

OK here are some pics , one from last night - I stayed up to 2 am masking the damn guns off for their next respective coats.
BUT -- I woke up this morning ready to spray them, and mother nature sticks the birdy up and decides 'lets rain today!'. ^^;

ALSO, On topic -- I just went across the road to officeworks and purchased a set of tubes of Acrylic paint. $10 18 colors x 12 ml tubes. I figured I wont need a large quantity for the weathering.

I'll let you guys know how they turn out!

On the back of the box it says :
Dries to a permanent satin finish
High pigment content for strong colors = Im guessing ill need to dilute this a fair bit...
Good covering power and fast drying (YAY. If only spray paint was actually fast drying...)
Easy blending colors.


Oh and for you guys wondering what colors are in here :

Titanium White
Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Orange Yellow
Crimson Red
Cobalt Blue
Sap Green
Phthalo Blue (pronunciation on that anyone????)
Burnt Sienna
Vandyke Brown.


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This is how it turned out on the sniper. The SMG is ready for weathering as well :D

More or less, the 'Before' decals and weathering

And After! :D (Any suggestions or feedback???)

And the little gun is now painted, and ready for the rest of the decals to be put in place (a 3cm space with 7 characters = Finicky ^^;)

Let me know what you guys think!!! :D
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Scrap that....

Accidently put my gun down on the table on to acetone form a bottle that had fallen over.

Ive got to re paint it all again ^^;. The guns are for a convention this weekend... I think ill hold off weathering and just get them colored and decaled. SAD FACE - And today was my birthday as well. VERY SAD FACE.
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