Weathering Camo gear to get the right Color/Hue AOR2


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Hi Guys

I got some military/ Airsoft gear in AOR2 Camo (US Standard Navy Camo „Area Of Responsibility 2 “)
The problem is I got the stuff from a couple of different Brands, and the Color Match from one of them is simply to “Vibrant/harsh” like seen in this picture

As you can see, the piece I am holding has a darker and more saturated color compared to the Plate Carrier with the Velcro patch behind it. The Plate Carrier has the correct Hue and Saturation for a AOR2 camo.

So my question is, are there a Method to Bleach or Weather the Fabric with the “Wrong color” to get it looking more like Plate Carrier AOR2 Camo?
I tried to wash it in the washing machine, using standard fabric/ hygiene Bleach/ Chlorine bought in your normal Food store here in Germany, and it did absolutely nothing (the photo was taken after the Wash)

Or do I have to leave it in a “Bath of Bleach“ over a longer time?

Any ideas or methods would be really welcome, cheers guys!

PS, this is my Gear, and the Helmet Camo Cover has the wrong color, it is in fact not AOR2, but it has the Digital pattern, and I used it as a kind of place holder, will replace that soon, as I found a supplier, that has the covers in AOR2
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To me, it seems like to dull something would mean painting a thin wash of grey (a warm grey, or grey with a slight brown tint, rather than a cool/blue-tint grey). You do a small sample area if you can find part of the item that's inside or otherwise won't be visible when worn.

It the item in the rear is the colours you want, I notice that they're more yellow/olive too.

To make the front item match the rear item the black actually has to go darker, while the green has to become lighter, duller, and more yellow-tinted. The pale sage background colour might be good as it is, or perhaps it needs to become slightly more yellow-tinted.

I think to get an exact match means repainting each colour.

I just noticed another thing: that front item has three main camo pieces, the wide middle piece and the side narrow pieces, and the middle fabric is different from the side fabric.
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