Wearable plane cosplay help!


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First off, I am new to the site, and really excited to learn as much as possible!! I hope I am posting correctly and what not.

I am planning on making a cosplay from the game DOTA2. The character is called Gyrocopter.

My plan is using EVA foam for the majority of this build. I am not sure if I am over thinking it, but I am unsure if I need a skeleton under the foam to achieve a solid build of the plane around me. I also want to make this separable for easy transport. I have been searching all through google, and maybe I am using the wrong terms, but I can not seem to find a tutorial on anything similar. Any form of help or pointers would be such a life saver! This is my biggest project to date and I am so excited to see what I can make happen! :D

Thanks again for any help!
Maybe build something like a simple PVC tube frame with some shoulder straps and back support. Make sure that frame works for what you need, then build on top. Also note what you need to do while wearing it, like eating bathroom and such.
You may also concentrate on the character and make the airplane slightly smaller, just a bit. Or go the other way and make the whole thing like one giant mask, but still something that you would wear around your shoulders.

If its a fully suit to the scale of the character, you may as well dress up a shopping cart or one of those old people mobility cars.

It looks like a fun project, may wife and I swore off full box costumes as they are hard to get around in while at parties, you kind of need a handler. I was a Pay Phone and she was a Rubix cube, it didn't work out so well at the bar and having drinks.
ooooh i might do the pvc pipe as a frame! I am trying to keep the size not too crazy and it helps im barely 5 feet!

and i think a payphone and a rubix cube sounds like epic costumes to me! Just make them with a straw and your own liquer built in! hahaha
I dont have great pics, but wanted to show how the first run of my cosplay came out. Doing some repairs and and will hopefully get some better pics at Otakon. But Im very happy with how it turned out, especially since i had never done anything like this! :D

love Dota 2 (working on Dragon Knight Helm in prop forum at the mo - first build!). Love the cosplay!! My hubby wants to go as Techies
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