Wearable LED Arc Reactor [Iron Man]


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The design for this is really simple: an elastic harness which can be worn around the chest, with the arc reactor itself “powered” by a set of LED fairy lights (the elastic is tight enough to keep the reactor firmly in place, but stretchy enough to still allow me to move and breath comfortably.) The design was simply cut out of cardboard with a piece of blue paper glued onto the back to diffuse the light. The front plate is also interchangeable and can be switched out for any of the arc reactor designs, as well as removed for easy access to the LEDs inside.

arc_reactor3.jpg arc_reactor4.jpg arc_reactor5.jpg

And this is what the reactor looks like when worn under a t-shirt:

Despite this being a great proof-of-concept prototype, there were still a number of adjustments to be made. First of all, the arc reactor itself is just too bulky when worn underneath a t-shirt; it just doesn’t match the look of the movie prop at all. The current version stands at 20mm thick, so I trimmed this down to 10mm and it now looks perfect.

I also bought a new set of button battery-powered fairy lights which are just as bright as the original set, but the battery pack is a fraction of the size and is therefore much easier to hide under my shirt.