Wearable Endgame/Infinity War Arc Reactor (movie accurate) that wirelessly charges phone


It took me a while, but I got a pretty movie accurate Endgame arc reactor built and a full tutorial to go along with it. I'm finishing an Instructable and vid to go with it for the wireless charging variant. Just posting here to get ideas or tips on improving the wireless charger design and to show off. The current model can only charge through a thin TPU case a bit (kinda spotty), but charges great with the case off. Can work with any phone compatible with universal wireless chargers. In the tutorial I'm going to finish it should show how to charge through a thicker case. I didn't do the cleanest build on the 1st prototype and left a lot of literal room for improvement between the charger coil and the phone. My goal in all this was that anybody with a wireless charging phone could walk up to me and charge their phone by just touching it to my chest at cons and various other events. I wanted to make it easy for other people to make too. I have really good reference photos collected. Video link shows how to make the non wireless version but shows some good references and the wireless version in action both worn and on a table.


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