Wearable Dark Knight cowl (3D printed) by Appleceeds3DArmory


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This just came in yesterday.

So, I did some lighting test
(Shot on Fuji X-T4, 16-55mm f2.8 lens, Eterna Bleach Bypass film simulation)

Batman lighting test #1 by T K, on Flickr

Batman lighting test#2 by T K, on Flickr

Batman lighting test#3 by T K, on Flickr

Batman lighting test#4 by T K, on Flickr

Rather than start shooting video randomly, I wanted to do some lighting test.
(As of now, the cowl is not painted. I'll do some surface cleaning and then paint it. )

This is what Greig Fraser said about BATMAN's cinematography.

“Bruce Wayne lives in the shadows—he isn’t a guy who walks around shopping centers during the day. This is a noir film, and most of it is set at night. My concern was that it might be hard to see anything, so I scoured the internet for images that were dark but easy to see, and I collected them in a document for Matt—and for myself—that I called ‘Dark but Light.’ Those references informed certain decisions, like making sure there were almost always pools of light or bright areas in the frame.”

“There is color, but it’s not as saturated as most movies. I wanted the colors to be dusty and a little dirty.”

BTW, I'm wearing black hoodie and 55 gallon garbage bag as the cape ...
So, I made the video yesterday, and took some photos at the same time.
BUT, with a different cowl.
This one (used in the video) is made out of latex, and I think it's actually officially licensed item.
Which one looks better?
(I know they are totally different design.
One is a fan art, the other is (at least trying) to make it look like the one worn by Robert Pattinson.)

(The photos, I was thinking I’d use one of them for Youtube thumbnail.

But, I ended up using screen shot from the video. Not the photo I took (for thumbnail).)

The screen shot I used for thumbnail.

BATMAN by T K, on Flickr

The photos I shot for thumb, but didn’t use

_DSF0050 by T K, on Flickr

_DSF0047 by T K, on Flickr

_DSF0044 by T K, on Flickr


All photos and videos were shot with Fuji X-T4.

The lenses are

Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 (outdoor shot)

Vintage (late 70s or very early 80s)Canon FD 35-105mm f/3.5(most of the BATMAN shot)

Harsh lighting and blueish, greenish tint are all intentional.

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