Limited Run Watto's Junkyard Tusken Slayer V2 (AOTC Anakin)


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We are happy to announce the preorder for our Tusken Slayer Gen2 run is live.

To preorder please click on the link below and fill in the google forms document. Please read the document carefully before submitting.

When you signed up we will invoice a non-refundable deposit of 50% per empty plus PayPal fees within 48h. The deposit has to be paid within 7 days otherwise you will lose your spot at the run.
Each empty is 300€ net (plus 19% VAT for European customers) and shipping costs. After preorder is closed pricing will increase to 350€ net per empty. Preorder is likely to be open for one month.
Lead time after preorder is closed is round about 6 months since we are accounting for possible delays.
The hilts are made from aluminum and chromed plated respectively black anodized. Grips are made from rubber.


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