Watchmen: Edward Blake Cosplay Thread

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by BattosaiKev, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Hey everybody,
    Been lurking for entirely too long, figured I would finally post something. This thread will be a from start to finish build thread of an Edward Blake cosplay, down to the mustache (maybe) accompanied by the M79 grenade launcher, scratch built and the grenades (cast pieces) and belt to store them (made from foam, cheaper than actual leather). [Shotguns and m1911 are abundant, grenade launchers a bit more scarce]
    Back-story: I tend to start projects that are far too difficult to finish, so I figured this would be something I can take my time on and won't be too overly difficult to produce.
    Saving the harness and under suit for last as it's probably the hardest for my set of skills.

    I'm incredibly thankful for this thread:
    As there is a lot of good information on Eddie's dog tags etc, but seeing that it hasn't been touched in over 5 years, maybe I've missed the boat. Maybe it's time for a revival?

    Plan of action:
    (10) 40x46mm grenades
    Belt for aforementioned grenades
    Grenade Launcher
    Shoulder Armors
    Knee Pads/Belt
    Body Armor/Suit/Harness

    No images other than my main reference for this post, but will update this thread as regularly as I can, so if you're interested stay tuned!
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    Small but relevant update, after some deliberation on how to make the grenades (initially I wanted to lathe the master, but MDF really dulls tools, and I didn't have a chunk of left over resin with big enough dimensions), so I fell back on 3D Printing. I should preface by saying, I'm not a huge fan of 3D printing, I can appreciate the advancements in technology as a result, but having worked with Makerbot's specifically for the last couple of years, I can say for certain they are garbage machines. But what's that saying; smoke 'em if you got 'em. This was a quick way for me to get my idea into a physical prototype and for that I'm thankful. I will be spot puttying and priming this piece, and will have photos of the process as well as the molding and casting in the next update.

    These will likely be slush casted to reduce weight, how I'm going to mold it I'm not very sure of at the moment. Pictures below show the quality of the print, I didn't have all day for this to print so I'm sure it could have been a lot higher quality. This took about 2 hours 20 mins to print on a 5th gen replicator. On the highest quality setting it was just over 6 hours, so I'm happy with this.

    IMG_6093.JPG IMG_6092.JPG IMG_6091.JPG IMG_6089.JPG
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    I think there are two 'making of' books for Watchmen: the "Film Companion," and then a book that is almost entirely character portraits and photos. I have the companion, and it has a few pics of Blake in his later costume. I've attached the few I had grabbed from the web around the film's release, but I doubt they are anything you haven't seen before. Good luck!


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    Mike J, I appreciate all input, I've seen some of these before but they typically tend to be of a lower quality, these are significantly better. Thank you very much!

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